Strategic guidance note for increased efforts and improved coherence in Norad’s support to quality through increased focus on teachers (Final 2021 Version)

The purpose of this guidance note is to improve the strategic dialogue with partners around teacher issues in education programs supported by Norway, and help promote more coherent investments and follow-up on teacher components as a means to improving quality and learning. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching the most marginalized. The main intended audience of the strategic guidance note are staff managing or supporting part of the Norwegian education for development efforts, including Norad advisors as well as embassy and MFA staff.

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  • Utgitt: april 2022
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The scope of this note is focused primarily on teachers working in basic education: in primary and lower secondary schools.  It also covers educators working in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).  The policy recognizes that some of the most marginalized attend non-formal or alternative basic education.

The management of teachers in non-formal education is not covered specifically by this strategy. It is the aspiration, however, that all teachers, including those working outside of the formal school system, should be qualified, and the principles outlined in this strategy will also be relevant for teachers in non-formal education. Also, this document recognises that valuable lessons from the non-formal sector can be useful for informing teacher strategies in the formal sector.

Other education workforce roles can also be important for ensuring inclusion and wellbeing of learners and provide vital support for teachers.

Publisert 21.04.2022
Sist oppdatert 21.04.2022