GBV evaluation for ACT Church of Sweden

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  • Utgitt: august 2021
  • Serie: --
  • Type: Gjennomganger fra organisasjoner
  • Utført av: Luqman Ahmed & Sadaf Raza
  • Bestilt av: Norwegian Church Aid
  • Land: Pakistan
  • Tema:
  • Antall sider: 72
  • Serienummer: --
  • ISBN: --
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  • Organisasjon: Ideas for Life Trust
  • Lokal partner: Civil Society Support Programme & Rozan
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Contribute towards learning within NCA Pakistan for Gender Justice Violence and Peace Building Programming.


The evaluation took place at a time where there were travel restrictions by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, a mix of face-to-face tools the evaluators involved the relevant stakeholders. The primary data was gathered through qualitative method and the most significant change (MSC) technique through collecting case studies from the field and virtual interviews/ FGDs, using the technology apps, internet, telephone, and mobile phone.

Key Findings:

  • Effective coordination with communities and government entities
  • Higher Impact among police department in adjoining districts other than the project intervention district of Mirpurkhas.
  • Need to spread awareness about pro-women laws and policies on GBV among men and duty bearers
  • The project has to struggle to work within the shrinking space available for policy and advocacy work on gender-based violence. It had realigned the interventions with the state policy to allow the civil society in Pakistan under certain limitations. However, it did not lose focus and contributed to the change with the limitation of reporting on these.
  • Complaint structures within communities were found only in Rozgar Centres.

Specific Recommendations:

  • NCA need to incorporate pre and post assessments of the trainings undertaken.
  • Data segregation based on gender, faith actors, people with special needs and age.
  • Focus on strengthening Rozgar Centres (RCs) linkages with the market.
  • Community Complaint Mechanism needs to be strengthened
  • Lobbying with concerned provincial departments for allocation of resources and SPOs to permit GBV survivors at safe home (Mirpurkhas) till the settlement of survivor’s case as well as for setting legal aid by the government at the district level.
Publisert 04.10.2022
Sist oppdatert 19.01.2023