Evaluation Department Annual Report 2018/19: Unclear roles lead to unclear results

The Evaluation Department's annual report highlights the main points from the evaluations and studies presented during the last twelve months, from May 2018 to May 2019.

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  • Utgitt: juni 2019
  • Serie: Evalueringsrapporter
  • Type: Evalueringer
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  • Antall sider: 40
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  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-014-9
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The annual report concludes that there is a lack of clarity in the understanding and definition of roles and responsibilities within the administration. Several of the evaluations link this lack of clarity to the ongoing changes related to development aid.
In the period covered by the annual report, five thematic evaluation reports, a synthesis study and a background study have been carried out. Three reports from the evaluation department's partnership with the Global Environmental Fund are also presented.
In addition to summaries of the reports, the annual report includes an overall reflection based on the evaluation work throughout the year.

Publisert 28.06.2019
Sist oppdatert 28.06.2019