Oil for Development - Annual report 2015

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  • Utgitt: mai 2016
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The Norwegian Government launched the Oil for Development (OfD) Programme in 2005. The creation of the programme led to a considerable increase in petroleum-related aid. 10 years later, it represents an important contribution to Norwegian development cooperation.

OfD’s main approach is capacity development through institutional cooperation. The programme is demand-driven, meaning that the applicant country must present a formal request for assistance. A country must also fulfil a set of criteria before long-term agreements can be formed between public institutions in the applicant country and Norwegian public institutions.

Key developments in 2015

In 2015, there were 12 partner countries included in the OfD portfolio. Two new countries, Kenya and Myanmar, were added at the end of the year.

During 2015, the OfD Programme:

  • Increased its engagement with civil society
  • Expanded the revenue and environmental components
  • Consolidated the country portfolio
  • Prioritized results management and sustainable capacity development
  • Strengthened planning and preparation for new country programmes
Publisert 25.05.2016
Sist oppdatert 25.05.2016