Joint Scandinavian Evaluation of Support to Capacity Development

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  • Utgitt: mai 2016
  • Serie: Fellesevalueringer
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  • Utført av: NIRAS Indevelop.
  • Bestilt av: Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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  • Tema: Kapasitetsutvikling
  • Antall sider: 98
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  • ISBN: 978-87-7087-967-5
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During the course of the past two years, Danida, Norad and Sida have conducted a large-scale joint evaluation of their respective support to capacity development. This was motivated by the need to understand and learn more about whether, or in which circumstances, capacity development works.

A series of coordinated activities were undertaken as part of this joint effort, including a number of preparatory studies, three parallel evaluations and the production of a synthesis report and related dissemination activities.

This report is synthesizing the findings from the separate reports from Norad, Sida and Danida.

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