The Oil for Development (OfD) Programme

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The Oil for Development (OfD) Programme offers assistance to developing countries in their fforts to manage petroleum resources in a sustainable manner. Oil and gas play an important role in an increasing number of developing countries, and have the potential to generate economic and social development. In several cases, however, it has proven difficult to translate the resource into improved welfare for citizens of those countries.

Through the OfD Programme, Norway shares its experience from five decades of managing oil and gas resources. Some key characteristics of the Norwegian experience are: strategic ownership by the state, strong and competent institutions, continual accumulation of technical knowledge, an advanced regulatory system with high respect for the environment, health and safety, and perhaps above all – society’s determination to secure national control over its petroleum resources. Norway continues to receive numerous requests from countries that wish to learn from this experience, which is why the Government of Norway initiated the OfD Programme in 2005.

Publisert 17.05.2015
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