Boat Building Programme - India

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  • Utgitt: mars 1982
  • Serie: Evalueringsrapporter
  • Type: Evalueringer
  • Utført av: Steinar Olsen, Anders Endal, Magne Bjørnerem, S.K. Das, Johan Williams
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  • Antall sider: 128
  • Serienummer: 01/1982
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Main conclusions:

1) Completion of the Boat Building Programme is for a number of reasons much behind schedule, and it has consequently not by far fulfilled its objectives. Neither is it possible, - or indeed fair, at this stage to make firm conclusions with regard to if and to what extent the Programme will eventually meet the overall objective, i.e. to further the development of deep sea fishing in India. Nevertheless, in spite of all the delays, defects and setbacks outlined below, the Evaluation Team is  unanimous in the conclusion that the Programme has made major achievements which may ultimately contribute to the desired results.

2) Aims and objectives of the Programme were at no stage well defined and described in detail, and this has adversily affected the Programme's planning and conduct. So has also the organizational set-up, which was not designed with clearly separated functions of execution and control.

3) Through the Boat Building Programme, Goa Shipyard Ltd. has been developed and equipped so that the yard is now capable of providing designs and drawings of modern fishing vessels and to construct and fit out such vessels in a satisfactory manner. This aim of the Programme has thus been reached.

4) The know-now and competency of the yard, however, is likely to vanish, if building of fishing vessels is not continued. Presently the fishing industry is not prepared to place orders for commercial fishing vessels at Goa.

5) The two first vessels constructed cannot be successfully used without substantial modifications, probably lengthening, and an expert team should visit Goa as soon as possible to investigate and give detailed advice on actions to be taken. The remaining 4 vessels, presently under construction, will probably be suitable for their purposes of exploration and training, but none of the vessels will meet the objective of serving as prototype for India's future deep-sea fishing vessels.

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