Working with Sector Development Programmes : Practical Guide

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This Practical Guide is intended as a practical tool for cooperation in support of Sector Development Programmes. It defines the main concepts and terminology used, addresses general issues and illustrates how these relate to the stages of the programme cycle as described in the Development Cooperation Manual and the Agreement Manual.

The target users of the Practical Guide are primarily Embassy staff with delegated responsibility for development cooperation, but also staff at Norad and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) dealing with development assistance and Sector Development Programmes in partner countries. It may also be useful to a wider range of development partners, such as NGOs, researchers and consultants, or institutions in partner countries, in their cooperation with Embassies, Norad and MFA regarding support to Sector Development Programmes.

The guide builds on international policy and strategy documents, especially the "Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness" and the OECD/DAC Guidelines which present agreed international principles for effective aid delivery. Terminology used and approaches described are, to the extent possible, compatible with
international terminology, principles and procedures subscribed to by other donors and partner countries.

Publisert 16.01.2009
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