Technical Cooperation in Transition: Review of Norwegian Policy in Light of DAC Principles in Technical Cooperation

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  • Utgitt: januar 1995
  • Serie: Evalueringsrapporter
  • Type: Evalueringer
  • Utført av: Asplan Analyse As
  • Bestilt av: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Land: --
  • Tema: --
  • Antall sider: 131
  • Serienummer: 01/1995
  • ISBN: 82-7177-401-8
  • ISSN: --
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This report was prepared as part of the preperation for Norwegian participation on the High Level Seminar (June 1994).

Section l consist of a review of Norwegian technical cooperation in an historical perspective and of the present policy (1994) with regard to consensus with or divergence from the main stream of policy on thechnical cooperation in the international society. Norwegian policy on technical cooperation is futhermore reviewed in a comperative perspective comprising a brief description of the policy on technical cooperation from the Nordic countries and the EU.

Section II adresses key issues in implementaion of the new principles (1994) for technical cooperation.

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