Synthesis Study on Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Capacity Development in Low-Income African Countries

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  • Utgitt: oktober 2008
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  • Type: Evalueringer
  • Utført av: Scanteam in association with Ghartey Associates of Ghana; Arne Disch (team leader), Karstein Haarberg, Adom Baisie Ghartey, Bjørn Lunøe
  • Bestilt av: Norad’s Evaluation Department
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  • Antall sider: 168
  • Serienummer: 1/2008
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-321-6
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The study is to focus on the delivery of public goods and services in five sectors: health, education, water, sanitation, and electricity. This report presents the main findings and conclusions from the study.

The main purposes of the synthesis study are to:

  • Draw lessons from existing evaluation reports and other studies focusing on good and innovative modes of assistance to capacity development in low-income countries;
  • Indicate knowledge gaps regarding the effectiveness of these interventions;
  • Propose a framework for how the impact of these innovative modes of capacity development intervention could be assessed with a view to distilling lessons for better practices;
  • Develop a conceptual framework that will form the basis for a possible in-depth evaluation.
  • The planned evaluation should be seen to feed into the DAC efforts to extend harmonization and aid effectiveness into the area of capacity development.
Publisert 16.01.2009
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