Review of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Portfolio on Human Trafficking

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  • Utgitt: februar 2009
  • Serie: Norads rapportserie
  • Type: Norad-rapport
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  • Bestilt av: the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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  • Tema: Menneskerettigheter
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  • Serienummer: 9/2009
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-390-2
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Since 2000, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) 1 has supported projects and programmes aimed at combating human trafficking. A total amount of approximately NOK 252 million is allocated and planned for combating human trafficking in the period 2000-20102. This financial support is provided in accordance with the Government's current interdepartmental action plans against human trafficking during the period3 where MFA has special responsibility for the prevention of trafficking, and the reintegration of victims.

In January 2008, MFA requested Norad to conduct a review of efforts against trafficking. The main purpose of the review is to gain knowledge and document the results and experiences that have happened as a result of MFA funded human trafficking efforts. There is also a desire to combine with this an examination of the Foreign Ministry's efforts in the wider international context, and to study, in more depth, the profile of the current project portfolio of human trafficking.

The review is divided into three parts: 
1. Unsafe traffic - Mapping of International Trends in Human Trafficking 
This report is a literature review that gives an introduction and overview of human trafficking issues and details international trends and statistics. It summarizes lessons learned from efforts against human trafficking to date.

2. Stop Human Trafficking! Desk study of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's portfolio on
human trafficking 2000-2010.
The report assesses the project portfolio's total profile, particularly in relation to the Government's action plans to combat human trafficking for the period 2003-2009. The report also looks at the evaluations and reviews of Norwegian funded projects being undertaken, and at the results they point to.

3. Shady Traffic. Review of the portfolio supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign
Affairs on combating trafficking of human beings.

Based on the two previous reports, which showed that there has been limited documentation of results and experiences, Norad decided to do a separate external review. A selection of projects in the Western Balkans is reviewed by the Christian Michelsen Institute. This review considers the projects with the emphasis on results, experiences and applicability of lessons learned for other regions.

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