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  • Utgitt: november 2009
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  • Type: Norad-rapport
  • Utført av: Harriet V Solheim (teamleader), Gerd Wahlstrøm
  • Bestilt av: Norad
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  • Tema: Sivilt samfunn
  • Antall sider: 30
  • Serienummer: 28/2009
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-439-8
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  • Organisasjon: Fair
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FAIR has been supported by Norad since 2004. Norad performs organizational reviews regularly, which form part of their basis for decisions on future cooperation with the NGO. The Terms of Reference developed by Norad for the review of FAIR, is attached (Annex 6). The review focuses on FAIR as an organization and as an actor in international development work, with an in depth study of FAIR’s operations in Zambia. The review team consists of two consultants. The content of this report express the views of the review team and their interpretation of information. The work has been undertaken during May-June 2008. The method applied is first and foremost review of documemts and interviews with FAIR staff and consultants, Norad and Fredskorpset. The team has spent one week in Zambia with the FAIR project team and management at Evelyn Hone College, recipient schools and other stakeholders in the distribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and met with the Norwegian Embassy. Documentation from files, correspondence and statistics has been obtained where relevant and available. The team would like to thank all those contributing to this review with information, open and frank discussions and practical support. In particular the FAIR project director in Zambia, Mr. Crispin Libimba and his team have given their full support to make the Zambia study possible.

Publisert 02.11.2009
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