Evaluation of Norwegian Business-related Assistance Sri Lanka Case Study

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  • Utgitt: november 2009
  • Serie: Evalueringsstudier
  • Type: --
  • Utført av: DevFin Advisers AB
  • Bestilt av: --
  • Land: Sri Lanka
  • Tema: Næringsutvikling
  • Antall sider: 128
  • Serienummer: 3/2009
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-451-0
  • ISSN: --
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This is the first country report as part of a broad evaluation of Norwegian businessrelated development aid, an evaluation commissioned by the Evaluation Department of Norad. In addition to Sri Lanka there will be similar reports from case studies of Norwegian business-related support to Bangladesh, South Africa and Uganda. The main report from the evaluation, carried out by the Swedish consultancy company DevFin Advisers AB, is scheduled to be published in April 2010. All of these reports will be made available at norad.no. More information about this evaluation or the evaluation program in general may be obtained from eval.norad-post@norad.no.

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Publisert 02.12.2009
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