Nordic Plus : Practical Guide to Delegated Cooperation

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  • Published: January 2007
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  • ISBN: 978 82-7548-181-3
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This Practical Guide to Delegated Cooperation, including Principles and a Template for Arrangements has been developed by the Nordic Plus countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and UK) to enhance aid effectiveness. Delegated cooperation is aimed at significantly reducing the transaction costs for both partner governments and donors.

Delegated cooperation arrangements should be based on mutual trust and understanding. In preparation of the Practical Guide therefore, a thorough joint assessment of policies and administrative practices was carried out to identify possible barriers for delegated cooperation among the Nordic Plus partners. The study showed that there is a predominance of similarities in policies and administrative requirements, but also differences that need to be addressed in each case of delegated arrangements. A summary of similarities and variations and an overview of financial management requirements of the Nordic Plus donors are annexed to this Practical Guide.

Nordic Plus Field Missions/Embassies are encouraged to actively consider delegated cooperation with Nordic Plus partners and other donors who want to join. Donors outside the Nordic Plus group are also encouraged to make use of this tool for enhanced aid effectiveness.


Published 16.01.2009
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