Results report 2014. Human rights and democracy

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  • Utgitt: mai 2015
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  • Type: Resultatrapport
  • Utført av: Norad
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  • Tema: Menneskerettigheter, Styresett og demokrati
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Human rights and democracy are central to Norwegian development policy. Norwegian development aid contributes to securing the rights of vulnerable groups, promoting freedom of speech and strengthening the rule of law, and to the implementation of democratic elections. Furthermore, Norway promotes democracy and human rights through political dialogue, normative work in multilateral fora and participation in the Universal Periodic Reviews of the UN Human Rights Council.

The most significant progress has taken place in the sphere of economic and social rights. The proportion of people living in poverty is falling, people are living longer, and more children are getting access to education. The picture for civil and political rights is more complex. Several countries are moving in an increasingly democratic direction. Mobile telephony and the Internet provide new possibilities for communication and participation. While social media and text messaging were used to mobilise protestors at Tahrir Square in Cairo and Maidan Square in Kiev, freedom of speech, freedom of association and women’s rights came under pressure in many places. War and conflict offer poor conditions for the growth of democracy and human rights, while the absence of public participation and basic rights is a significant cause of conflict. More people die in wars now than ten years ago, and not since the Second World War have there been so many refugees as a result of conflicts.

This year’s results report provides 25 examples of the effect of Norwegian support for democracy and human rights. It is important to learn from both good and poor results. We will engage in more activities that yield good results, and make changes in or terminate activities that yield poor results, and avoid repeating them. Twenty-five examples do not present the whole picture, but they show the breadth of our interventions which together provide a good illustration of the results of Norwegian efforts. The examples demonstrate that many individuals are better off because of Norwegian development aid, and institutions which promote democracy and respect for human rights have been better enabled to carry out their work. Development aid must build on internal forces for change and strengthen the authorities and civil society in tandem.

Norad’s results reports are neither an evaluation of Norwegian development aid, nor are they research reports; however, much of the material is based on independent evaluations and international research. This report is primarily intended as a contribution to informing the debate on the results of Norwegian development aid.

Publisert 06.05.2015
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