Evaluation of the interaction between Norwegian humanitarian aid, development cooperation and peace efforts

About the publication

  • Published: December 2023
  • Series: Evaluation report
  • Type: Evaluations
  • Carried out by: ADE og Devstat
  • Commissioned by: Avdeling for evaluering Norad
  • Country: Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon
  • Theme: Nexus, Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security, Emergency assistance and relief
  • Pages: 23/50/54/50/194
  • Serial number: 5/2023, 6/2023, 7/2023, 8/2023, 9/2023
  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-188-7 / 978-82-8369-183-2 / 978-82-8369-185-6 / 978-82-8369-184-9 / 978-82-8369-187-0
  • ISSN: --
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The Humanitarian, Development and Peace (HDP) nexus, a concept that emerged from the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, addresses the divide between humanitarian, development, and peace programs. It suggests that improved collaboration, coherence, and complementarity among these sectors could enhance aid quality and increase the resilience of crisis-affected populations. However, studies indicate that a conscious and widespread application of an interlinked HDP approach is lacking and needs to be context-specific.  

How can we reinforce linkages between humanitarian efforts, development aid and peace interventions without undermining the humanitarian principles? This evaluation aimed to understand the HPD nexus from a bottom-up perspective, focusing on the actual interaction between humanitarian, development, and peace in the Norwegian engagement in three specific country contexts: DRC, Ethiopia, and Lebanon.  

The evaluation consists of five reports: Three country reports (DR Congo, Ethiopia, Lebanon) which assess the interaction between humanitarian work, development cooperation and peace efforts in these countries. A fourth report which maps and analyses Norway's humanitarian efforts, development cooperation and peace work I the same countries plus Syria using quantitative data sources. The fifth report, a synthesis note, summarizes findings from the other four reports of relevance to Norwegian aid policy and administration. 

Published 20.03.2024
Last updated 20.03.2024