Norad's Support to Civil Society - Guiding Principles

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  • Published: June 2018
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our shared vision for the future. They emphasise the role of the state in terms of responsibility, national ownership, review and follow-up of the implementation process. The SDGs also call for the “intensive engagement” of civil society. The underlying principles of the SDGs of “leaving no one behind” and “realising human rights for all” are the backbone of Norad’s civil society support.

In 2017 approximately 22 per cent of all Norwegian development support was directed to or through civil society. This equates to approximately 7.4 billion Norwegian kroner. Almost 40 per cent of Norway’s total civil society support is managed by Norad. These funds support civil society organisations’ work to enhance democracy and human rights and to eradicate poverty. Civil society includes a great diversity of actors in Norway, in our partner countries, and globally.

Norad’s 2018 guiding principles for support to civil society form a cohesive framework for Norad’s partnerships with civil society, by providing guidance and direction for the overall planning of the support to civil society, as well as a backdrop for dialogue. They apply to all of Norad’s support to civil society. Plans and visions have limited value if they do not translate into results. The seven principles will provide guidance for Norad and our civil society partners, in our efforts to achieve sustainable results in the implementation of the SDGs.

Published 01.06.2018
Last updated 01.06.2018