EduApp4Syria - the project history

The goal of EduApp4Syria is to make available an engaging mobile learning tool for Syrian children who are out of school, which can help them build literacy skills in Arabic and improve their psychosocial wellbeing. Two winning games were launched in March 2017, following a highly contested innovation competition. Learn more about the process.

Announcement and market dialogue

The EduApp4Syria project was first launched September 25, 2015. We started the competition process with a dialogue with the market, to solicit input from potential suppliers and possible users for our development of the competition specifications.

Learn more about the market dialogue

Dialogue conferences

In order to receive input, dialogue conferences were arranged in both Oslo (October 26) and Washington, D. C. (October 29).


After the dialogue conferences, we asked for feedback from the market. See the questions asked here

Based on our assessment of the feedback received and other information we reviewed, we concluded that we would conduct a multi-phased competition for EduApp4Syria.

The multi-phased competition model is formally known as a “pre-commercial procurement process”.

The initial competition (phase 0)

The initial competition lasted from 29 January 2016, when it was announced by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the submission deadline 1 April 2016.

The initial competition resulted in 78 bids from companies based in 31 countries. 

Learn more about the initial competition

This is the initial invitation to the EduApp4Syria competition where we asked if potential bidders could assist in developing an engaging smartphone application that can help the Syrian children who are currently out of school learn to read and contribute to their psychosocial wellbeing?

View all the competition documents - both in English and Arabic:

Since this is a procurement process, all questions we received about the competition and tender and our answers to these were made public for every participants to see.

We received 70 questions during the competion. See them all here:

The submission deadline for the competition was April 1 2016. 78 bids were submitted before the submission deadline.


First selection in the competition (phase 1)

In May 2016 Norad and the competition partners announced five winners of the initial EduApp4syria competition. The five bidders were over the next couple of months provided with funding and technical expertise to further develop and improve their prototypes. 

Learn more about the bidders and their concepts: 

Second selection in the competition (phase 2)

Three finalists were chosen by an unanimous jury in September 2016. In addition to the jury’s assessment, expert advisors affiliated with the competition provided input to the selection of the finalists. In early August, 40 Syrian refugee children (aged 5-10) living in Norway tested the game prototypes, yielding important findings about the user friendliness and engagement potential of the games.

Learn more about the selcetion:  

Published 29.01.2016
Last updated 05.05.2017