The Bank in Norad

The Knowledge Bank was established in Norad in March 2018. The bank currently encompasses three sections.


The Knowledge Bank brings together the expertise of the Norwegian public sector.

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Knowledge transfer has been and continues to be an important part of Norwegian aid.

Programmes in the Knowledge Bank

Oil for Development

Oil for Development will contribute to the sustainable management of oil and gas resources for generations to come.

Fish for Development

Norway contributes to the sustainable development of fisheries in developing countries. Fish for Development is based on Norwegian expertise in fisheries and aquaculture.

Tax for Development

The programme will contribute to improving tax systems in developing countries and increase tax revenues in a manner that promotes sustainable development. 

Higher education and research

Norway has supported capacity development for higher education and research in low and middle income countries for decades. Two programmes continue these efforts. 


Norway works innovatively in several thematic areas, among them, education and health. Vision 2030 promotes poverty reduction through further development and scaling of innovative solutions.

Gender Equality for Development

This is a technical cooperation programme on gender equality between Norway and governmental institutions in partner countries.

Cooperation on statistics

Improved statistics can enable more knowledge-based planning and as a result, better governance in our partner countries. 

Institutional cooperation within clean energy

Access to reliable energy sources at an affordable price is crucial for both economic and social development.