Thanks for the feedback

We received very useful input by the November 15th deadline, and are now reviewing it in order to find the best competition model. More info will be published soon.

It was extremely important for us to get feedback on this innovation challenge, as it will help us determine the appropriate competition model.

We are therefore very grateful to those who took the time. We are now reviewing all the input sent us, and will publish more information about the selected model and expected timeline within few days.

If curious to what kind of questions we wanted answers to, see below.


1. In your opinion, will you be able to respond to the innovation challenge as currently specified in the concept note: “This project seeks to develop a smartphone application that can significantly increase literacy levels in Arabic and improve psychosocial wellbeing for children (aged 4‒10) in Syrian households that use the application”?

2. Do you currently have access to digital solutions that in your opinion can cover all or parts of the specified need? 

a. If no, which aspects of the specified need can your solution/field of expertise cover?

3. As a supplier, will you be able to solve the specified need alone, or will you need to team up with other suppliers or sub-contractors? 

a. If you need to bring in partners, are you interested in us facilitating further networking opportunities? 

b. If yes to a), which types of expertise/partners are you particularly looking for?

4. Briefly describe the main steps in how you intend to address the innovation challenge

5. Briefly describe the main components/distinguishing features of the digital game you intend to develop

6. How much time will it take until you can have a digital game in place that meets the need as currently specified?

7. What will be the total cost for developing such a digital game?

8. What are they main cost drivers that will influence the total cost?

9. In your opinion, have we found an appropriate scope for this innovation competition in terms of goals for literacy learning and the ambition to improve psychosocial wellbeing? 

a. Which aspects of psychosocial wellbeing are most relevant to specify as part of the scope?

10. Overall, what do you think is possible to achieve through such a digital game?

11. Do you have other input, based for instance on the questions in the concept note available on, that can help contribute to the specifications for the subsequent competition?

Published 26.10.2015
Last updated 24.11.2015