Competition documents

The deadline for submitting bids for EduApp4Syria was 1 April 2016. The competition documents are available here.

Deadline for the initial competition was April 1st 2016 at 1pm CET.

The Norwegian government, as represented by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - Norad, hereby invites suppliers, university/research environments, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties to submit bids for the procurement of innovation titled Mobile literacy and psychosocial wellbeing resource for children affected by the Syrian conflict.

Below you can download the following competition documents, with information on how to participate. 

Please also make sure to consult the Q&A-page, where a lot of issues have been addressed and specified in more detail. Note that the deadline for submitting questions was March 15 at 1pm CET.

The tender documents consist of three parts:

  1. The Invitation to Tender (updated)
  2. The Rules for the Competition (updated) and Appendix 1: Specification of Requirements (updated)
  3. The Framework Agreement (also referred to as contract in the other tender documents) and draft Call-off Contract for Phase 1

The updates that have been made to the documents in part 1 and 2 are only minor language edits, except from the changes already described in Questions & Answers 9 and 13, and an update to Phase 1 tasks described in the Invitation to Tender on page 6. 

The framework agreement contract is published here on this page, on Doffin and TED.

The tender documents are also published in Arabic. The English version is the authoritative version if there are inconsistencies between the English and Arabic versions.

Tender documents in Arabic

Tender documents in Arabic: 

  1. The Invitation to Tender
  2. A: The Rules for the Competition and 
    B: Appendix 1: Specification of Requirements
  3. Framework Agreement (also referred to as contract in the documents) and draft Call-off Contract for Phase 1

Updated versions of the documents in 1. and 2. were updated February 29, 2016.

Published 29.01.2016
Last updated 15.03.2016