Innovation competition: EduApp4Syria

The EduApp4Syria competition seeks to take advantage of widespread smartphone availability for delivery of an engaging learning supplement for Syrian children.

Three finalists have been selected for Phase 2. They were chosen from among the five suppliers that received Phase 1 funding to develop testable prototypes of their games following a highly competitive initial bidding round with 78 participants. 

An estimated 2.8 million Syrian children are out of school because of conflict. Many have to cope with traumas and high levels of stress, which also affects their learning ability.

High availability of smartphones among war-affected Syrian families can be a means for reaching children with engaging and fun learning supplements. This can help facilitate their continued learning and future reintegration into school.

Norway and several partners are therefore conducting an international innovation competition to develop an open source smartphone application that can help Syrian children learn how to read in Arabic and improve their psychosocial wellbeing.

One or two teams will be selected as winners following final testing in December 2016. Their games will be released internationally early 2017.

All the games funded as part of the EduApp4Syria project have open source licenses to encourage maximum use and further creativity.