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EduApp4Syria – how you can help us reach Syrian children

The international response to the two winning EduApp4Syria games has so far been highly positive. Here is how organizations, companies and individuals can help with outreach.

Both games, Antura and the Letters and Feed the Monster, have received high ratings from app reviewers and positive feedback from users since their launch on March 20th. There is also significant interest from organizations and companies for making additional language versions of the games. 

“We are thrilled about the great reviews and feedback from initial users of the games. Our focus is now on ensuring that Syrian children in need get the opportunity to use these free learning supplements”, says EduApp4Syria project manager Liv Marte Nordhaug.

The games are particularly relevant for Syrian children who are not attending school and Syrian children who are attending school with a new language of instruction. They are also relevant for other Arabic speaking children.

“We now ask organizations, companies and individuals to help us reach as many families as possible with information about the games and opportunities to download them. We have developed information materials that can be used for this purpose”, Nordhaug continues.

How you can do EduApp4Syria-outreach

Norad has developed the following materials that organizations, companies and individuals can use for outreach. Scroll further down the page to download Arabic versions of the outreach document and the leaflet.

  • Outreach document: Brief info about the games and how you/your organization can help conduct outreach in the field and virtually. Go to the EduApp4Syria outreach document in English
  • Leaflet: A leaflet showing the games and steps for how to download them. The leaflet can be displayed as a poster or handed out to families directly. Download the Leaflet
  • Social media package: Suggested posts for twitter and facebook in both English and Arabic. Go to social media package
Published 09.05.2017
Last updated 09.05.2017