Systematic evaluation of Norwegian aid

The Department for Evaluation, located in Norad, is mandated to initiate and carry out independent evaluations of any activity financed over the Norwegian aid budget.

The Department for Evaluation is governed under a separate mandate for evaluating the Norwegian Development Aid Administration and associated evaluation strategy and guidelines, and reports directly to the Secretary Generals of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The objectives of evaluations are to:

  • evaluate the results achieved in relation to specified goals and plans;
  • evaluate whether resource use is commensurate with the results achieved;
  • systematise lessons learned with a view to assuring the quality of future projects and improving results through effective learning processes; and
  • provide information to the authorities and the general public.

The evaluation function shall contribute in part to learning and gathering experience from Norwegian participation in international development cooperation, and in part to keeping the actors in Norwegian development policy accountable for its administration.

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