The Oil for Development Programme: Annual Report 2016

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  • Utgitt: mai 2017
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  • Type: Årsrapport
  • Utført av: Norad
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  • Tema: Naturressurser (inkludert olje)
  • Antall sider: 44
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  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-946-1
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The Oil for Development (OfD) programme was initiated in 2005 and is today an important contribution to Norway’s development assistance. Through long-term institutional cooperation agreements with partner countries, Norway shares its experience of developing a sustainable petroleum management regime.

In 2016, the OfD portfolio consisted of 12 countries.

The OfD programme is based on the premise that responsible governance is an important prerequisite for sustainable economic growth and the welfare of the citizens. It provides broad-based institutional capacity support to the management of petroleum resources, environmental and safety issues, and revenues earned from the petroleum sector.

Publisert 19.05.2017
Sist oppdatert 23.05.2017