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The Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine

Натисніть тут для версії українською мовою

The Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine is a Norwegian civilian and military support programme of NOK 75 billion covering the period 2023-2027. The distribution between civilian and military support is determined annually in line with Ukrainian needs. In 2023, approximately NOK 19.9 billion was distributed from the Nansen Support Programme: NOK 8.9 billion in civilian and humanitarian support and NOK 11 billion in military support.

The Nansen Support Programme aims to help Ukraine decide its own future, protect its territory and population from Russian attacks, maintain critical societal functions and reduce human suffering. Further, the Programme shall also help to rebuild a safe and free Ukraine.

Ukrainian needs form the basis for the Norwegian support, which is coordinated with the Ukrainian government and international partners. The civilian and humanitarian support is administered by Norad and channelled predominantly through agreements with established, internationally recognised organisations with a documented ability to deliver, good capacity and solid control systems.

Situation and background

The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 represents a turning point for Europe and a serious threat to international peace and security. The Storting (the Norwegian parliament) stands united in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine. Norway’s commitment through the Nansen Support Programme assures the Ukrainian people and the international community that Norway supports Ukraine’s war of self-defense and sovereignty in the long term. 

The Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine makes a clear distinction between military and civilian support. Norad administers the civilian and humanitarian support on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the Norwegian Ministry of Defence is responsible for the military support. 

The civilian support prioritises contributions to maintain civilian infrastructure and supports the Ukrainian government in safeguarding critical societal functions, as well as humanitarian efforts.

The impact of Russia’s war is so far-reaching that it will take years to rebuild the country. Ukraine will therefore be in need of international support for a long period of time. To facilitate the best possible use of Norwegian funds, the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine is flexible and maintains a long-term perspective. The Nansen Support Programme’s priorities in the coming years will be presented to the Norwegian Parliament, Stortinget through annual budget proposals.

The civilian and humanitarian support provided through the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine also supports efforts in neighbouring countries affected by the impact of the war, with a particular focus on Moldova.

Norway’s total commitment to Ukraine extends beyond this Programme. Core support for UN organisations, civil society partners and international financial institutions, for example, is provided outside of the Nansen Support Programme.


Find out more

If you have any questions about the Programme, please contact NORAD’s Department for the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine.

Published 23.02.2024
Last updated 23.02.2024