The Oil for Development programme in South Sudan

Because of the ongoing conflict, no OfD advisers have been present in South Sudan since 2013. In 2016 the institutional collaboration was postponed indefinitely.

The OfD programme agreement between South Sudan and Norway that lasted until 2014, had an extension of activities under the existing budget until a new programme agreement was ready to commence. Since conflict erupted in December 2013, all programme activities have been conducted in neighbouring countries and no OfD advisers have been present in South Sudan.

OfD assistance to South Sudan in 2016 was limited. The intention was to prepare and initiate a new programme phase, in line with the OfD Steering Committee decision from 2015. However, the political situation did not allow for the signing of new agreements.

In July 2016, when conflict once again erupted in Juba, activities were put on hold, and a new phase of institutional collaboration has been postponed indefinitely. Further OfD support to South Sudanese authorities is contingent on political commitment to implementing the peace agreement and progress towards resolving the military conflict in the country.

Thus, OfD support to South Sudan in 2016 was mainly channelled through the IMF South Sudan Trust Fund for Capacity building on Macroeconomic Policies and Statistics, as well as through civil society organizations.

Published 02.07.2014
Last updated 05.10.2017