The petroleum sector in Somalia is at an early stage, with no current exploration or production activities.

Seismic data that has been acquired in recent years indicates promising potential for petroleum resources.

The Petroleum Law was approved by the Parliament in December 2019. In 2019, Somalia and Norway discussed the priorities and needs of the Somali petroleum sector. NPD have carried out two training workshops on good governance in the petroleum sector for both Federal Government Institutions and representatives from Federal Member States. The Ministry of Finance in Somalia has been trained in taxation and macroeconomics.

The Directorate of Environment in Somalia and the Ministry of Petroleum have participated in several regional environmental training courses carried out by UN Environment and NEA.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining in Somalia was assigned responsibility for coordinating the planning of an OfD programme. A steering committee consisting of members from key government institutions has been established to ensure information-sharing across the institutions and coordination.

Published 27.09.2018
Last updated 22.10.2020