This is the Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank will coordinate and strengthen technical cooperation and sharing of knowledge in areas where Norway has particular competencies or sought after experience.

As a demand-driven entity, the objective of The Knowledge Bank is to strengthen the competency and capacity of the public administration in Norway’s partner countries. The Knowledge Bank will achieve this by being a structure which coordinates Norway’s technical cooperation.

The primary target groups are the government institutions in Norway’s partnering countries.

Strong institutions are necessary for the public administration to be able to deliver results that benefit society. Actors in civil society engage in advocacy and as such, have a critical role in contributing to the achievement of our objectives.

Knowledge and experience are the bank’s capital. Various Norwegian institutions, agencies and ministries have the relevant sector competencies, while Norad has the competencies specific to international development in addition to the required technical competency. The Knowledge Bank also encompasses collaboration with relevant multilateral organisations.

Demand for Norwegian expertise

The transfer of knowledge is increasingly sought after by partner countries and many look to Norway to learn from our expertise. Norway has long been engaged in technical cooperation through sector based knowledge programmes. The Knowledge Bank will build on previous experiences regarding the requirements for developing state capacity.

The thematic areas of the bank cover several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the bank will contribute specifically to target 17.9 in order to “enhance international support for implementing effective and targeted capacity building in developing countries to support national plans to implement all the sustainable development goals”.

Technical collaboration contributes to a future-oriented development policy based on mutual bilateral relationships. In line with this, the Knowledge Bank strives to increase support to South-South cooperation.

Published 19.09.2018
Last updated 02.10.2018