deltakere i NORHED kick off i Kampala
NORHED kick off in Kampala, February 2014. The project coordinators from Uganda, Nepal, South Sudan and Norway.
Photo: Samiksha Koirala

Strengthening Media in Post-Conflict Societies Uganda, South Sudan, Nepal and Norway

University collaboration on increased capacity within higher journalism and media education institutions and research output in the global South.

Project title: Strengthening Media in Post-Conflict Societies through Education and Research – Bridging Gaps, Building Futures in Uganda, South Sudan, Nepal and Norway


The media in a (post-) conflict situation may be seen as a double-edged sword. It can propagate messages of intolerance or disinformation that manipulate public sentiment, but also have the potential to play an important part in reconciliation and healing of traumas. It may also be the ground for a culture where opposition and government talk to each other.

The project is grown out of the needs and demands of the local circumstances in Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal, where education of journalists, media professionals, journalist teachers and researchers is essential to build strong and free media of quality.

Universities for development

The overall goal is to develop and strengthen institutional capacities at the higher education institutions of the network in fulfilling their social responsibilities as generators of knowledge and practices about journalism in post-conflict situations and media’s role in supporting democracy and human rights in Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal.

The project aspires to connect, share and develop experiences from the field of education and the practice of journalism and communication in three different post-conflict situations in the South: Nepal, South Sudan and Uganda. The three countries have different histories and trajectories, but still share similar challenges and continue to learn from each other in co-creative efforts to strengthen democracy, human rights and good governance through professional media.

The project is designed to ensure gender balance and equity as well as gender mainstreaming in all activities. It will also pay special attention to members from marginalized groups to strengthen cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Innovative teaching and research

The development of new strategies for sustainable democratic development through professional media and higher education institutions is at the core of the project.

Parts of the research project will look into practices of journalism and their contributions to how conflicts are perceived, how dynamics are shaped and the chances for constructive turns of conflict. The project will investigate the essentials of conflict sensitive journalism. The question of gender reporting in times of crises and post-conflict situations will be central. 

Another focus area is related to how young citizens engage with media and communication technologies and platforms, to be included in the process of change in their societies and to participate in issues of governance, democracy and poverty reduction.

Through comparative analysis, the specifics of Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal will feed directly into discussions of media development, journalism education and media assistance strategies in post conflict societies. 

Key goals and achievements

Overall goal

To strengthen the development of democratic, viable societies in Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal through strong and professional media.

The objectives of the project are

  1. To strengthen quality of higher education within the field of media and journalism in South Sudan, Uganda and Nepal
  2. To increase the amount of new knowledge and quality research within the field of post conflict journalism
  3. To enhance gender equality
Published 24.06.2013
Last updated 16.02.2015

Total budget

2013-2018: 17,4 million NOK

Contact persons for the project

Dr. William Tayeebwa, Acting head and coordinator, Department of Journalism and Communication (DJC) Makerere University

Dr. Maju Mishra, Principal/Director, College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC)

Mr. Chaplain Kara Yokoju, Head, Department of Development Communication, University of Juba

Dr. Kristin Skare Orgeret, Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Oslo and Akershus University College (OAUC)