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  • Utgitt: 2007
  • Serie: --
  • Type: Gjennomganger fra organisasjoner
  • Utført av: Luciano Nunes Padrão; Eva Marion Johannessen
  • Bestilt av: Rainforest Foundation Norway
  • Land: Brasil
  • Tema:
  • Antall sider: --
  • Serienummer: --
  • ISBN: --
  • ISSN: --
  • Organisasjon: Rainforest Foundation Norway
  • Lokal partner: Comisão Pro Indio do Acre (CPI)
  • Prosjektnummer: GLO-0850/07/387
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CPI works to strengthen indigenous communities in the state of Acre, located within the Amazon basin in western Brazil. The organization focuses on capacity-building and education, among other themes, and work actively towards policymakers to improve public policy.

The evaluation was carried out between June and September 2007, corresponding with the elaboration of RFN’s strategy for 2008-17. Consequently, the evaluation included opportunities, challenges and future dilemmas rather than being limited to consider results within the context of the project. Institutional issues were also included in the evaluation.

1. Analyse the relevance and performance of the project, including effects on partner organizations and target groups.
 2. Present recommendations that will strengthen CPI/Acre and new strategies that will further develop the relationship between CPI and RFN.
A qualitative approach with a strong emphasis on participation was the chosen methodology. Stakeholders were interviewed, either individually or during meetings held by the evaluators. Additionally, relevant documents were analysed.

Key findings:
The main finding is that the project complied successfully with its objectives. The most relevant impact has been results of advocacy efforts that have seen components of indigenous education included in public state policy. This is groundbreaking in the Brazilian context, and also had impact on other sectors apart from education.

A focus on activities was noted, rather than monitoring on results and impact. However, this does not mean that results are not achieved. Rather, these are under-communicated.

The project responds to the target group’s perceptions and needs, and the objective is shared with the indigenous organizations that were contacted during the evaluation. The activities are well founded in the local communities and indigenous organizations. It is also important to point out that state programmes provide satisfactory and complementary support to the project.

On an institutional level, CPI is highly recognized as an important actor by the state of Acre and the indigenous movement. However, this high level of political sustainability is undermined by a lack of financial and institutional sustainability. In terms of opportunities, the evaluation points out that CPI implement actions that probably will fit well with the thematic priorities in the RFN 10-year strategy.

• CPI should develop a short-term strategy for institutional planning that includes a vision for the future and a revision of the programmes as needed.
• CPI should focus on four themes during coming years: 1) territorial and environmental management; 2) regional articulation and public policy; 3) indigenous education; and 4) monitoring, systematization and communication. Strengthening indigenous organizations should be a cross-cutting issue.
• Indigenous education should further focus on strengthening teachers and monitoring of school performance.
• Communication should be amplified to a broader audience, not only for indigenous organizations. Communication activities should also be used as a tool in advocacy campaigns and mobilization.
• Any revisions to structure or strategy should take into account how to capture more resources, in order to avoid what is currently considered a “reactive strategy” to fundraising.
• Project monitoring should be improved and focus on results.

Comments from the organisation, if any:
No comments included in the evaluation.

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