Making Sense of the Nexus Rethinking Development Project Report

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  • Published: April 2023
  • Series: Norad reports
  • Type: Norad reports
  • Carried out by: Nikolai Hegertun, Ottar Mæstad & Håvard M. Nygård
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  • Pages: 35
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  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-157-3
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Making Sense of the Nexus

In 2019, OECD DAC adopted the recommendations on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (hereinafter HDP Nexus) with the aim of working more effectively in the intersection between humanitarian, development, and peace action. This discussion paper

  • presents the ‘problem’ the HDP Nexus approach tries to solve,
  • discusses the changing ‘reality’ of development cooperation that makes the nexusapproach more relevant than ever,
  • and presents the core elements of the HDP Nexus approach and what it may entail inpractice.

The discussion will highlight some of the trends, developments, milestones, and insights that have fed into the process of formalizing the approach within the OECD and present insights from recent studies and reports on the issue. After reading this you will be acquainted with key concepts and definitions that will likely influence development cooperation in the coming years. Forthcoming Norad discussion papers will discuss more thoroughly the specific challenges facing Norway, the contexts and engagements in which the HDP Nexus is particularly relevant, and the wider implications for Norway’s international engagement.

Published 11.11.2023
Last updated 11.11.2023