Indigenous Peoples Rights and Culture in The Republic of Congo

About the publication

  • Published: August 2023
  • Series: Norad Collected Reviews
  • Type: --
  • Carried out by: Robert Gustafson and Tracey Konstant
  • Commissioned by: --
  • Country: DR Kongo
  • Theme: Urbefolkning
  • Pages: 42
  • Serial number: 16/2023
  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-167-2
  • ISSN: 1894-518x
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DCPA has been a holistic and ambitious project, and has certainly had impact. The most important change over the course of the project has been the widespread knowledge and acceptance of the laws protecting the rights of indigenous people, and the general support of the law and the intentions behind the law by indigenous people and bantu, and by duty-bearers and leaders.

It has resulted in improvements in access to social spaces and key services. The extent to which impact has translated into changes in the lives of the majority of ordinary people is more difficult to ascertain – and whether there is access and uptake of services, justice, land and livelihoods may be a longer term goal.

Published 21.09.2023
Last updated 21.09.2023