Development Project Evaluation for Technical Humanistic High School (PD-BTH) in the municipalities of: Vallegrande; Educational Units, Buenas Nuevas B and D from Santa Cruz municipality (Santa Cruz Department); Rodeo Educational Unit from Vacas Municipality and Sicaya Municipality (Cochabamba Departament)

About the publication

  • Published: August 2023
  • Series: Norad Collected Reviews
  • Type: --
  • Carried out by: --
  • Commissioned by: Norad
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Theme: Utdanning og forskning
  • Pages: 61
  • Serial number: 11/2023
  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-162-7
  • ISSN: 1894-518x
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The final external evaluation of the "Development Project for the Technical Humanistic High School (PD-BTH) in the Municipalities of: Vallegrande; Buenas Nuevas B and D Educational Units of the Municipality of Santa Cruz (Department of Santa Cruz); Rodeo Educational Unit of the Municipality of Vacas and Municipality of Sicaya (Department of Cochabamba) - 2018 -
2022" executed by the Foundation for Education and Services - FES, was carried out by the consulting firm SEDFIT during the months of November and December 2022.

The methodology and the instruments applied were participatory in nature, and the analysis and interpretation of the information led to the following  conclusions and assessments.

Published 10.08.2023
Last updated 10.08.2023