Annual report on Norad’s investigation cases 2022

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  • Published: March 2023
  • Series: Norad reports
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  • Carried out by: Norad
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  • Pages: 17
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  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-155-9
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  • Organization: Norad
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A general principle of Norwegian development assistance is zero tolerance for corruption and other types of financial irregularities. When suspicion of irregularities arises, Norad employees and Norad’s contractual partners must immediately report the issue.

The Internal Audit and Investigations Unit of Norad receives, processes and makes decisions for all cases of suspected financial irregularities reported to Norad and affecting Norad funds. This Annual Report contains some of the result of this work in 2022. The overriding objective of the report is to help raise awareness of the risk of financial irregularities in the administration of development assistance funding.  

The Internal Audit and Investigations unit reports new cases and concluded cases of financial irregularities affecting Norad’s development aid funds to the relevant ministry, being Ministry of Foreign affairs or the Ministry of Climate and Environment in cases related to the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative.

Published 23.03.2023
Last updated 23.03.2023