Evaluation of Norwegian HIV/AIDS Responses

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  • Utgitt: oktober 2008
  • Serie: Evalueringsrapporter
  • Type: Evalueringer
  • Utført av: ITAD; Derek Poate, Munirat Ogunlayi
  • Bestilt av: --
  • Land: Etiopia, Malawi, Tanzania
  • Tema: Hiv/aids
  • Antall sider: 68
  • Serienummer: 4/2008
  • ISBN: 978-82-7548-324-7
  • ISSN: --
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This report is the synthesis of the evaluation of Norwegian support and response to HIV/AIDS in the three African countries of Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania, and Norwegian contribution to international aid architecture at a global level. The year 2000 marked a shift in the Norwegian approach to HIV/AIDS, whereby the response to the epidemic was made a priority for Norwegian Development Cooperation. Norway's commitment to halt the epidemic led to the development of Norway's policy on HIV/AIDS and resources were channelled through a variety of organisations and programmes. Norway also interacted at all levels (global to community) and adopted inclusive, integrated and participatory approaches in tackling the epidemic.

The objectives of the evaluation were to:
- Assess progress towards key outcomes related to the national HIV/AIDS response
- Assess the factors affecting the outcomes (substantive influences)
- Assess key Norwegian contributions (outputs) to outcomes
- Assess the Norwegian partnership strategies
- Extract lessons learnt, findings and recommendations on how to enhance the development effectiveness of the Norwegian HIV/AIDS response at the country level

Publisert 16.01.2009
Sist oppdatert 16.02.2015