Development Cooperation and Global Investments: Whats's Next for Development Cooperation?

About the publication

  • Published: November 2021
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  • Carried out by: Nikolai Hegertun
  • Commissioned by: Norad
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  • Pages: 41
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  • ISBN: 978-82-8369-089-7
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This report is a part of Norad’s Rethinking Development project, which seeks to strengthen the knowledge base for development cooperation for the future. The world is facing enormous challenges, and consequently we see that development cooperation is increasingly taking on a dual mandate: to combat poverty while also providing global public goods (GPGs). However, this is not uncontroversial: The controversy arises when problems of a global nature, which require system-wide solutions, are addressed and financed through development cooperation.

In response to this situation, this report seeks to map how widespread this trend within Norwegian foreign aid, develop our conceptual approach to these new set of challenges, and discuss how to best organize our efforts in order to maximize effectiveness on both fronts.

Published 26.11.2021
Last updated 26.11.2021