Climate Change in Norwegian development policy

Global climate change and loss of biodiversity are among the most serious environmental threats to the world at present.

This is why climate change and the environment are main focus areas of Norwegian development policy.

This is clearly stated in the Government’s White Paper on Norwegian development policy - Climate, Conflict and Capital - and evidenced by the discussions of the White Paper in the parliament, Stortinget. The framework for Norwegian environmental cooperation is outlined in the Norwegian Government’s Action Plan for Environment in Development Cooperation (2006).

Norway is focusing its cooperation on four areas:

  • Sustainable management of biological diversity and natural resources
  • Climate change and access to clean energy
  • Management of water resources, water and sanitation
  • Hazardous substances
Fjell Himalaya
Climate change, like the melting of snow and ice in the Himalayas, is a threat to the livelihood of millions of people.
Photo: Bjørnulf Remme
Published 26.10.2011
Last updated 16.02.2015