Facing multiple crises: challenges for international development cooperation in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces multiple simultaneous crises including violent conflict and instability; widespread poverty; high levels of violence against women; malnutrition and weak food security; and environmental challenges such as deforestation and forest degradation. Development support constitutes about 6 per cent of the country’s GNI (Gross National Income).
May. 3 2022

10:00 - 11:15

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Zoom meeting


The Department for Evaluation in Norad invites to a webinar to discuss the international development support to Democratic Republic of the Congo. Findings from a new report summarizing knowledge from various international evaluations will be presented as a background for discussion.

A central finding of the report is that since DRC is facing multiple crises on such an enormous scale, the country also faces funding shortages and an inadequate response to its vulnerable populations. Although many evaluations proved that donor projects and programmes were effective, sustainability was a recurring challenge across the board. Programmes developed and implemented in close collaboration with local actors were found to stand a higher chance of sustainable success.

In the webinar we will discuss the findings with special attention to the topics women’s rights and equality, and protection of forests and climate.

Webinar Programme:

  • Presentation of the main findings from the report by the author, Joar Svanemyr, from hera.
  • Comments to the report by Olav Lundstøl, Special Envoy Climate and Forestry at the Norwegian Embassy in Kinshasa and Monica Kirya, Senior Adviser at the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre in Bergen.
  • Conversation between the three speakers about the challenges facing development cooperation in the DRC.

Project leader Jan-Petter Holtedahl from the Department for Evaluation in Norad will lead and moderate the meeting, which will be conducted in English.

The webinar will take place as a Zoom webinar. Please fill in the registration form to receive the webinar login details. 

The report, “Country Evaluation Brief (CEB) on Democratic Republic of the Congo”, will be launched on 3 May and be available for downloading at the Department for Evaluation’s website. The report systematises findings from existing evaluations of the international development support to Democratic Republic of the Congo.