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From concept to country context: Implementing the humanitarian, development and peace nexus in practice

From concept to country context: Implementing the humanitarian, development and peace nexus in practice  

Time: 21. March, 09:00 – 10:30 (CET)

Place: Norad, Bygdøy Alle 2, Oslo, Info center 5. floor

The debates surrounding the interaction between humanitarian efforts, development aid, and peace interventions are numerous and diverse. Beyond conceptual debates, humanitarian action, development, and peace in Norway’s engagement unfolds in specific ways, places, and times. Integrating the humanitarian, development, and peace pillars is not straightforward, especially as the peace component can sometimes be overshadowed.  When these three pillars interact, the synergies might not be as intentional, planned, or fully realized as expected.

How coherent is the approach and how can it be enhanced? 

This evaluation, conducted by the Department for Evaluation, has approached the nexus from a ground-up perspective. It focuses on how the nexus has been implemented in practice in three specific country contexts: the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, and Lebanon. 

  • What are the obstacles and opportunities for Norway to achieve a coherent nexus approach in countries?
  • What are the possibilities for further integration of the peace pillar of the triple nexus?

Mark your calendars for March 21, 09:00 – 10:30 (CET) as we delve into these topics.

You can join us in person at Norad or tune in digitally. For those joining us physically, breakfast will be served from 08:30.

The seminar will begin with a presentation of the evaluation findings and recommendations by Javier Fabra Mata and Anita Haslie, both senior advisors in the Department for Evaluation. This will be followed by a response to these recommendations from Bjørg Sandskjær, the State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The seminar will proceed to a commentary session facilitated by Anette Wilhelmsen, senior advisor in Norad, with comments from:

- Martine Van de Velde, Independent Evaluator and Evaluator Team Leader for the Lebanon Country Study.

- Ann Stewart Pedersen, Director of the Programme Quality and Impact Department at Redd Barna/Save the Children Norway.

- Håkon Jakob Røthing, Head of Operations at the Norwegian Red Cross.

- Hilde Salvesen, Policy Director for the Section for humanitarian affairs at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the commentary session, the floor will be opened for questions from the audience.

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Published 29.02.2024
Last updated 29.02.2024