New evaluation programme continues focus on humanitarian aid and private sector development

Will provide new and useful knowledge about what works and does not work within important areas of Norwegian participation in international development cooperation.
The Evaluation Department in Norad launches its evaluation programme for 2019-2021, which continues to build on the previous programme.
- The focus on humanitarian aid and private sector development started in the previous programme period. This work will, among other things, include evaluations of overall Norwegian assistance to South Sudan and Somalia and assessments of objectives and instruments for Norwegian private sector aid, Evaluation Director Per Øyvind Bastøe says.

Overall effort through various channels

Norway spends between NOK 3 and 4 billion a year on efforts in humanitarian crises. In addition, large amounts are used for long-term efforts in vulnerable states.
The effort is carried out through many different channels, such as multilateral organizations and Norwegian civil society organizations.
- The purpose of the country evaluations is to look at the overall Norwegian footprint. The evaluations will address various issues related to the coordination of humanitarian and long-term assistance, Bastøe explains.
The evaluations of private sector development will address the full range of instruments used in this field.
- It will provide new and useful knowledge about what works and does not work on these important areas of intervention.

Important to be relevant

Each year, the Evaluation Department in Norad commissions about ten thematic evaluations within the entire spectrum concerning the implementation of Norwegian development policy.
- It is a goal for us that our program is up-to-date and relevant, and the topics for the evaluations are chosen according to criteria such as materiality, specificity and risk, Bastøe says.

Several new evaluations

The new programme also includes new evaluations related to environmental and climate assistance, efforts to advance the rights of disabled people, responses to refugees and internally displaced persons in the Syria region, Norwegian efforts for women, peace and security, as well as evaluations that look at quality and use of evaluations in the Norwegian aid administration.
- We are very pleased with the new programme and believe that the evaluations can contribute to good policy design and better assistance in an ever-changing field of development assistance, the Evaluation Director concludes.
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Published 22.02.2019
Last updated 22.02.2019