Newsletter from the Evaluation Department

EvalNews provides regular basis information on evaluation of the implementation of Norwegian development policy.

The newsletter includes news on publications, upcoming events and tenders.

The newsletter also shares evaluation views from our own evaluation experts and external observers.

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The Evaluation Department in Norad sends newsletters about 1-3 times per month by e-mail. To receive the newsletter, you need to register with an e-mail address. The e-mail address is registered in a separate database, is not shared with others and will be deleted when you unsubscribe.

The newsletter will provide information related to evaluation of the implementation of the Norwegian development policy. In addition, you may choose to receive invitations to, and information about, upcoming events organised by the department. This information is, however, mainly in Norwegian. It is also possible to choose to receive information about ongoing tenders.

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Published 14.05.2018
Last updated 14.05.2018