Seminar: Comprehensive Sexuality Education – opportunities, challenges, and experiences

Norad has the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar on comprehensive sexuality education with a focus on opportunities, challenges, and experiences.

The seminar will have a participatory focus with room for dialogue and peer learning.

Time: 6th of March 12.00 – 14.30 am CET with light refreshments

Place: Norad’s Information centre (5th floor) in Bygdøy allè 2, only physical attendance

In this seminar we would like to look at the global status and new evidence: Where we are today, why is CSE needed and what do we need going forward. However, more importantly we also want to go in-depth, have room to talk and discuss what comprehensive sexuality education is and what this means, both nationally and globally. The seminar will be led by experts from UNESCO and WHO and will include comprehensive sexuality education for all age groups. Norwegian Church Aid and Sex og Politikk will also contribute.

The seminar will be divided into three main topics with room for dialogue and sharing of experiences after each topic. The three topics are:

  1. CSE: Why is it needed? What is it? Where are we today? 
  2. SEXUALITY: Intersection between the individual and the social
  3. MOVING FORWARD: Priority areas of focus, opportunities, and challenges

Registration: Physical presence only, please register here by 3 of March.

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We look forward to seeing you at Norad on the 6th of March!





Published 21.02.2023
Last updated 21.02.2023