Ukrainsk mor med barn mottar hjelp
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Norad tasked with administering the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine

The initiative aimed at supporting Ukraine will be the largest in the history of Norwegian development aid. The need for development aid is enormous, and it is vital that aid is targeted both accurately and effectively. The Norwegian Government is therefore reassigning responsibility for administration of the civilian and humanitarian aspects of the Nansen Support Programme to Norad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to focus on work relating to analysis, policy development, dialogue with multilateral and humanitarian actors, coordination and political governance.

“Through civilian support, Norway will help enhance Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russia’s aggression. We will also ensure that Ukraine is able to decide its own future, protect its civilians, alleviate suffering and contribute to reconstruction. If we are to achieve this, we must work smartly and allocate our resources in the best possible way,” says Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt.

To ensure optimal utilisation of the overall policy instruments, administration of the civilian aspects of the Nansen Support Programme is now being reassigned to Norad.

“This is about using resources as efficiently as possible. Policy and strategy development are the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while responsibility for administering these funds is being delegated to Norad. The agency possesses considerable expertise and the administration of development aid funding is one of Norad's core tasks. This division of responsibility will ensure the prudent operation of the Nansen Support Programme, while at the same time enabling the Ministry to focus more on tackling the new security policy challenges,” says Huitfeldt.

Norway is providing substantial support to Ukraine. Over the next five years, a total of NOK 75 billion will be distributed through both military and civilian support in the “Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine”. The aim of the Norwegian support programme is to ensure that Ukraine is able to resist Russia's attacks, while at the same time helping support Ukrainian society, and ultimately contribute to rebuilding of the country.

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“It is both important and right that Norad's expertise is utilised to help realise this historically large development aid programme. The war in Ukraine affects us all and has long-term global consequences for countries in the south. Norad is Norway's leading development aid organisation, and we have extensive experience of administering funding securely and ensuring that it reaches its intended destination. It is a great responsibility that Norad is now being given, and we take this task very seriously,” says Director General of Norad, Bård Vegar Solhjell.

Published 14.06.2023
Last updated 14.06.2023