Bærekraftsmålene lyses opp under nattevandring i Bodø i 2017
In March 2021, Norad launched a new strategy towards 2030.
Photo: Aleksander Ramsland for Norad

Norad’s new strategy towards 2030

In our new strategy, ‘Norad of the future’, we look towards 2030, with the Sustainable Development Goals as our cornerstone.

‘We are all developing countries,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg when she presented Norway’s follow-up of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016.

In fact, it is the SDGs that provide the framework for Norad’s work in the new strategy. The SDGs require the joint efforts of government, civil society, the private sector and academia – in Norway and in all other countries around the world.

‘The enormous progress we have seen globally in the past 30 years has slowed, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, many more people are suffering from poverty and hunger. Social inequality is increasing as well. Meanwhile, man-made climate change is threatening our very existence. We must use all means at our disposal to achieve the SDGs – the world’s most important goals!’ says Bård Vegar Solhjell, Director General of Norad.

The strategy in a nutshell

Norad’s strategy towards 2030 can be summed up as follows:

  • The SDGs are the framework for Norad’s work. We will make every effort to ensure the goals are achieved!
  • Our main task is to invest strategically in cooperation with our partners.
  • Our work must be based on knowledge and insight – facts inform policy.

‘In this strategy, we have spelled out what we will achieve and how we will get there. It is an essential tool for navigating towards 2030,’ says Solhjell.

Five strategic priorities

The strategy identifies five strategic priorities where Norad must change as an organisation in order to succeed in reaching our goals. The five priorities are:

  1. Invest more strategically
  2. Be a key partner in sustainable development
  3. Contribute to a greener world
  4. Be a champion of innovation within development cooperation
  5. Strengthen and systematise the development, sharing and use of knowledge within Norad

To best achieve our goals, Norad has decided on a number of initiatives for the various strategic priorities in the first 18 months of the strategy period. The five priorities will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis during the strategy period up to 2030.

Published 19.03.2021
Last updated 19.03.2021