Norad will more closely identify what works and what does not, so that Norwegian aid to education can be improved.
Photo: Ken Opprann

Greater focus on results on Norwegian education aid

New system for results reporting.

Never before has such a large proportion of the world’s children received an education. Nevertheless, four out of ten children of primary school age will never attend school.

- It is vital for Norway that our investments reach the most vulnerable and marginalized children. Without additional funding, their right to education will have little chance of fulfilment, says Jon Lomøy, Director General at Norad.

Attending school does not in itself guarantee learning. Altogether 37 per cent of school pupils in Africa will fail to learn basic skills in mathematics and reading. An important element of Norway’s intensification of support for education will therefore be to increase the focus on the results of this support.

Norwegian agreements associated with Norway’s efforts in the field of education will thus introduce a new system of results reporting. This reporting applies to agreements entered into after 15 January 2017.

A complex combination of partners

- Norway’s cooperation in the field of education is complex, and includes many different types of partners. An increased focus on results therefore requires reporting systems that overall enable us to see whether we are making progress, says Lomøy.

The different partners include:

  • Ministries in various partner countries
  • Global (multilateral) organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF
  • The World Bank
  • Global funds
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private-sector stakeholders

The main objective of the results reporting system is to enable easier collocation of results from different interventions that have received Norwegian support for education.

Who should report?

The reporting system shall be used by short-term and long-term agreements that have been entered into after 15 January and fulfil certain conditions:

  1. Education is the main component
  2. The funds are granted for implementation in one or more specific countries, and Norway is the sole or largest donor.

Further information on the criteria for when the reporting system should be used may be found in the guidelines for reporting.

How to report

Partners who are required to use the results reporting system must carefully read the guidelines as well as familiarize themselves with those indicators on which we wish them to report.

In case of questions, partners and case officers should contact

Published 19.01.2017
Last updated 19.01.2017