New Partnerships for Innovation in Global Health

The seminar’s objectives are to inspire new, strong partnerships among research and innovation stakeholders for Global Health in Norway and mobilize new Norwegian actors in the field.
4 jun. 2013

9:00 - 15:00

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Norad’ s Auditorium, Ruseløkkveien 26, 4th floor

Ruseløkkveien 26, 0251 Oslo

We also aim to strengthen Norwegian stakeholders’ linkages to global initiatives and research, in particular the recommendations of the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children, as well as increase the number of larger scale and high quality project applications to GLOBVAC (Programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research).

Forging new collaboration arrangements and working towards coherent Norwegian global health policy are recommendations from the Norwegian parliament’s White Paper on global health and the subsequent report on the involvement of Norwegian stakeholders for global health. Through responding to these specific recommendations, the conference aims at leveraging the intention of the White Paper.


0900- 0905 Introduction

0905 -0920 Welcome Remarks by Villa Kulild (Norad Director) and Jesper Simonsen (Executive Director, the Research Council of Norway)

0920-0930 Opening Remarks (Video address) by Bob Orr, UN Deputy Secretary General

Keynote speeches

0915-0940 Keynote: Lisa Cohen, Executive Director, Washington Global Health Alliance: Benefits of a Regional public/ private partnership arena for promoting global health. Experiences from Washington State

0940-1005 Keynote: Muhammad Zaman, Associate Professor, Boston University: The Need for Complementarity in Innovation: Health and Engineering, Research and Implementation

1005-1020 Keynote: Christopher Egerton-Warburton, Fund Manager - The Global Health Investment Fund: Impact investment, what have we achieved and learned so far?

1020-1050 Practical Examples from Norway: Two organizations from Norway will address experienced challenges and possibilities

  • V-scan deployment in Indonesia - Sigmund Frigstad, GE Healthcare Norway
  • Bionor Immuno – Maja Sommerfelt

1050-1120 Mingling Break

Thematic Sessions: Dialogue on how to forge partnerships and create synergies:

1120-1150 Mobile-based health care services - Ola-Jo Tandre (Telenor), Kristin Brå (University of Oslo), Jørn Ivar Klungsøyr (University of Bergen)

  1. Intro fra Telenor, deretter diskusjon innad i panelet og med andre
  2. Moderator: Frederik Kristensen - World Health Organization

1150-1205 Health Tablet - Kanav Kahol (Public Health Foundation of India)

1205-1220 Innovation and Partnerships - Tore Lærdal (Laerdal Global Health)

1220-1305 Lunch with mingling

Thematic Sessions: Dialogue on how to forge partnerships and create synergies:

1305-1335 Vaccines - Ole Henrik Brekke (Vaccibody), Professor Bjarne Bogen (University of Oslo) Maja Sommerfelt (Bionor Immuno)

  1. Intro: Ole Henrik Brekke (Vaccibody)
  2. Moderator: Professor Bjarne Bogen, University of Oslo

1335-1405 Innovative Financing: Conversation between Rifat Atun (Imperial College London and GLOBVAC board member), Tone Rosingholm (JPMorgan), and Christopher Egerton-Warburton (The Global Health Investment Fund)

1405-1445 Available funding sources for R&D and Innovation:

  • Norad – Haitham El-noush
  • Research Council of Norway - Unni Hirdman Rørslett and Lars Petter Korsnes
  • Innovation Norway - Birgitte Gjessing-Johnrud

1445 Dr. Tore Godal, MFA: “Where does this lead us? - Reflections upon next steps.”

1500 END