Parallel 2B

The following panelists will discuss "Criteria for REDD+ Transactions" Oslo Tropical Forest Forum.

Jason Gray

Jason Gray is Chief of the Climate Change Program Evaluation Branch, which oversees and implements the Cap-and-Trade Program at the California Air Resources Board (CARB). He previously served as manager of the Market Monitoring Section of the Cap-and-Trade Program, and as a staff attorney with CARB, where he advised the Board and its staff on the development and implementation of air pollution control regulations, including greenhouse gas reporting and verification regulations, compliance offset protocols, and the offsets provisions of the Cap-and-Trade Program. His current duties include supervising the implementation of the Cap-and-Trade Program, including linkage efforts with Québec and Ontario. Jason also represents the Board in the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force.

Esben Marcussen

Esben Marcussen is the project leader of the Greenpeace timber and peat project in the Congo Basin. He is based in Oslo where he also follows the Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative as part of Greenpeace global forest campaign.  Before joining Greenpeace, Mr. Marcussen has worked for World Food Programme in Tunisia and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He holds a degree in international history form the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies where he wrote a thesis on why Norway chose to invest in REDD+. 

Donna Lee

Donna Lee is a climate change and land use consultant providing support to governments, the private sector, NGOs and foundations. She was previously a climate change negotiator for the United States. Currently, she is serving part-time as a Senior Advisor to the Climate and Land Use Alliance.