Oslo Tropical Forest Forum 2018:

Celebrating results and identifying remaining challenges after 10 years of hard work

27 - 28 Jun. 2018

4:00 - 14:00

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Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
Holbergs gate 30


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The #OsloForestForum live broadcast has finished. View recordings of plenary and parallel sessions B, C and D. 

Working papers

The Ending Tropical Deforestation Series is a collection of working papers prepared for the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum in June 2018.


Information about accreditation, press briefing and media contacts. 

Goal of OTFF

The goal of the forum is to celebrate results and identify remaining challenges ten years after reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD+) was included in the climate change negotiations, and to advance strategies for mobilizing forests to help us achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.


Day 1
27 Jun
Day 2
28 Jun
Welcoming remarks followed by musical performance

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Video remarks HE Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway

HE Ola Elvestuen, Minister of Climate and Environment, Norway

HE Edson Duarte, Minister of Environment, Brazil

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Vice Mayor for Environment and Transport

Plenary 1: The Importance of forests to climate and development objectives

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  • Carlos Nobre, Brazilian scientist and global expert on climate change
  • Rukka Sombolinggi, Secretary General, AMAN
  • Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Norges Bank Investment Management

Moderator: Frances Seymour

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During the break: Official launch - REDD Early Movers Program in Ecuador

The Governments of Ecuador, Germany and Norway have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the official launch of the REDD Early Movers Programme in Ecuador.

Keynote speakers

  • HE Mr. Ola Elvestuen, Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway
  • HE Mr. Tarsicio Granizo, Minister of the Environment of Ecuador
  • Mr. Stefan Schmitz (Deputy Director General, BMZ; Comissions of the One World without Hunger Initiative)

Where: Lofoten Room Radisson Hotel 

Plenary 2: Achieving the 2020 and 2030 targets: What will it take?

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  • HE Tarsicio Granizo,  Minister of Environment, Ecuador
  • Yaneth Patricia Alegría CopeteVice Minister of Environmental Planning of the Territory, Colombia
  • Dr. Putera Parthama, DG for climate change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia
  • Svein Holsether, CEO Yara
  • Anderson Tanoto, Director RGE Pte Ltd

Moderator: James Astill, The Economist

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Special Lunch Presentations

Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG)

1-hour special lunch-time discussion on Local Initiative of Tropical Peatland Restoration in Indonesia


  1. To update the peatland restoration efforts that have been carried out and will be carried out by BRG with the support of CSOs and the people.
  2. To represent the collaborative action to support peatland restoration with farmers, women and religious groups.
  3. To discuss collaborative initiatives and international support on community-based peatland restoration.

Where: Lofoten Room Radisson Hotel

Lunch will be provided in the conference room.

Choose between 4 parallel tracks:
Parallel 1A

The 2020 Challenge: How can companies meet their deforestation-free supply chain commitments?

Parallel 1B

Forests and the Paris Agreement: Pathways to keeping global warming well below 2 °C with the aim to limit the increase to 1.5°C

Parallel 1C

Progress toward reducing illegal deforestation, associated trade and other forest-related crimes

Parallel 1D

UNDRIP and REDD+@10: Progress toward recognizing indigenous rights to forests

Coffee break
Choose between 4 parallel tracks:
Parallel 2A

Intact vs Working Forests: Must we exploit forests to save them?

Parallel 2B

Criteria for REDD+ Transactions

Parallel 2C

Financial disclosure and transparency for forest-risk commodities

Parallel 2D

The Gendered Dimensions of REDD+: Rural and Indigenous women’s tenure rights and participation in climate change agreements and programs

End of sessions for day 1
Conference dinner at Oslo City Hall with the Mayor of Oslo
  • Jon Lomøy, Director General Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo
Choose between 4 parallel tracks:
Parallel 3A

Subnational jurisdictions: The most promising scale for success?

Parallel 3B

High carbon stock ecosystems: Incorporating mangroves and peatlands into REDD+ strategies

Parallel 3C

Ground-breaking tools to promote legality, traceability and transparency: Challenges and opportunities

Parallel 3D

A burning issue: Address the threat of biofuels as a driver of deforestation

During the break: Showcasing different technological tools and how they can enforce laws

Where: Lofoten room

A similar demonstration will be given in the public event at Litteraturhuset Thursday 28 June at 17:15PM. Go to the event Save the Rainforest - OTFF after event on Facebook.  

Choose between 4 parallel tracks:
Parallel 4A

Minding the gap: Addressing the lag between what’s possible and what’s practiced in monitoring deforestation, degradation and restoration in the context of REDD+

Parallel 4B

The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative: An opportunity to preach beyond the choir

Parallel 4C

Investment for land-use transformation: Opportunities for blending public and private finance towards forest restoration

Parallel 4D

Supporting At-Risk Defenders: Addressing the root causes of attacks on environmental and indigenous advocates

Special Lunch Presentations

The Green Climate Fund  (GCF) - Leveraging finance for REDD+ results-based payments

Discuss the current landscape of REDD+ rbp finance and visualize future scenarios for leveraging public and private finance from domestic and international sources.

Where: Lofoten room at Radisson Hotel

Lunch will be provided in the conference room.

During the break: Colombia’s Integrated Strategy to Control Deforestation and Manage Forests: Achievements and challenges in a post-conflict context

Colombia is home to some of the most biodiverse forests in the world, forests that now are under tremendous pressure in the new post-conflict context. The Peace Agreement with the former FARC guerilla is under implementation and criminal groups are moving into territories where the guerilla used to have territorial control and where they for different reasons had enforced strict limits on logging by civilians. Taking advantage of the power vacuum left behind, these new actors are promoting land grabbing, coca cultivation crops, mining and logging and cattle ranching. In the Colombian Amazon, the area of deforestation doubled in 2017 compared to the year before, according to official figures released this month – and most of the destruction was in remote rainforest areas once controlled by the guerilla.

Colombia has recently developed an Integrated Strategy to Control Deforestation and Manage Forest which gathers diverse stakeholders ranging from the armed forces, the chief prosecutor’s office, environmental and agricultural authorities, private sector & civil society. This complex multidisciplinary and –actor approach aims to reduce deforestation and to provide incentives for sustainable use of the forest ecosystems of Colombia.

This side event showcases the early implementation efforts of the strategy in terms of REDD+ Results Based Payment mechanisms, law enforcement, and zero deforestation productive chains.


  • Yaneth patricia Alegría Copete, Vice Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia
  • General César Augusto Parra León, 6th Army Division commander, Colombia
  • Mariana Rojas, Climate Change Director, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia
  • José Yunis, Amazon Vision Program Coordinator

Moderator: Camilo Ortega P., Coordinator for the Joint Declaration of Intent

Scandinavia Scene

Plenary 3: The Way Forward

To reflect on the way forward in light of discussions held at the 2018 Oslo Tropical Forest Forum.


  • HE Fabiola Muñoz, Minister of Environment, Peru
  • Erik Solheim, Executive Director United Nations Environment
  • Tasso Azevedo, Consultant and social entrepreneur
  • Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Henry Waxman, Waxman Strategies, and former Member, US Congress
  • James Astill, the Economist

Moderator:  Frances Seymour

Closing remarks
  • Erik Solheim, Executive Director United Nations Environment
  • Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo, Director, NICFI, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
End of conference
Oslo Tropical Forest Forum at The House of Literature in Oslo

As the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum 2018 officially ends, we invite conference participants, NGOs, journalists, politicians, scientists and others interested in protecting our forests to the Oslo House for Literature to learn, discuss and share experiences. Food and drinks will be available.

The venue is open to the public. The event is organized by Norad, Rainforest Foundation Norway and Forum for Development and Environment.

Go to the Facebook for a detailed programme and updates on seminars, films, participants and schedule for this event

The House of Literature is just a five-minute walk from the Scandinavian Radisson hotel, the main venue of the conference. Address: Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29.