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The following panelists will discuss "The 2020 Challenge: How can companies meet their deforestation-free supply chain Commitments"? at Oslo Tropical Forest Forum.

Leonardo Fleck (Moderator)

Leonardo Fleck is a Program Officer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the largest private philanthropy working on environmental conservation globally. At Moore, Leo helped to create the foundation’s conservation and markets initiatives, a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to help decouple food production from ecosystem degradation at scale, through the use of market-based approaches and more collaborative grant-making structures.

Leo co-leads the initiative focused on eliminating deforestation and habitat loss from beef and soy supply chains in South America. He also supports the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), a global alliance of donors working to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, with strategy development and portfolio coordination.

Ruth Nussbaum

Dr Ruth Nussbaum is the co-founder and director of Proforest, a non-profit organisation that supports companies with the practical implementation of responsible sourcing and production commitments around the world. Ruth has been working with natural resources for almost three decades.

Her experience includes advising companies, governments and NGOs on practical implementation of responsible practices, developing international and national policies, standards and safeguards, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, running a global forest certification programme and writing a range of guides and books. She has worked in more than 40 countries and has wide experience of developing, interpreting and implementing policies and processes for delivering sustainable management of natural resources.

Nigel Sizer

Nigel Sizer served for two years as president of the Rainforest Alliance until January 2018. He helped lead the successful merger with the leading Dutch-based non-profit UTZ and following the merger shifted to his current role as Chief Program Officer role, continuing to be based in New York.

As the former global director of the Forests Program at the World Resources Institute, Sizer led a hundred-person team across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and launched path-breaking partnerships including the award-winning Global Forest Watch and the Global Restoration Initiative. Sizer also served as vice president for Asia-Pacific with Rare, where he developed grassroots efforts to link impoverished communities in Indonesia to global carbon markets and pioneered community-based fisheries and marine protected areas efforts. In 2008, he served as lead advisor on climate change and energy issues in Asia to former US President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative. He has also worked with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in Nairobi and established The Nature Conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Forest Program. He also founded and co-chaired The Forests Dialogue, and helped establish and lead the Asia Forest Partnership.

A globally-recognized authority on forests, ecology, climate change and development, Sizer holds Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in natural sciences and tropical forest ecology from the University of Cambridge. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Africa, and spent ten years in Indonesia. He has served on numerous boards and advisory groups including the Tropical Forest Alliance, the Rainforest Foundation, the Amazon Alliance, the Global Forest Foundation, and the Andean Center for Sustainable Development. He has been a frequent commentator on environment and development issues for the BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera. He is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mauricio de Almeida Voivodic

Maurício de Almeida Voicodic is a forester by training and holds a masters in Environmental Science. He´s spent all of this career working on sustainability issues in Brazil and abroad, particularly on forest, agriculture and climate change subjects. Worked at the Brazilian NGO IMAFLORA for 17 years, being its Chief Executive between 2011 and 2016. He has lead programs in: Policies and advocacy, Climate Change, Forestry, Sustainable Agriculture and South-South Cooperation with African Countries. He´s the CEO of WWF-Brazil since February 2017.

Dr Marco Albani

Dr Marco Albani is the Director of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 and a member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum, where he oversees the Secretariat of the Alliance, an over 140-member multistakeholder platform for public and private cooperation around deforestation free commodity supply chains. 

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, Marco spent ten years with McKinsey & Company, where he was one of the founders of their Sustainability Practice, and with Harvard University.  Marco holds a Ph.D. in Forest Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and a Laurea in Forest Sciences from the University of Florence, Italy.

Dr Marco Albani is also the moderator in parallel session 2C.

Lucita Jasmin

Lucita Jasmin is the Director for Sustainability & External Affairs of the APRIL Group where she is responsible for the implementation and advancement of APRIL’s sustainability policy and programmes, including stakeholder engagement and communications. Lucita has a global base of practice in strategic and corporate communications in the intergovernmental and private sectors.

Over the last 15 years, she has led intercultural teams that provided communications counsel to senior management, strategized and executed campaigns and advocacy initiatives, organized stakeholder outreach on priority sustainability issues, and mobilized partners to support these. Prior to her current post, Lucita served at the United Nations Environment Programme for seven years, where she led strategy development, planning and execution of global communication programmes and campaigns.

Juliana Lopes

Born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Juliana de Lavor Lopes is currently responsible for AMAGGI’s Sustainability, Communications and Compliance Board. She is also an executive at the André and Lucia Maggi Foundation, the institution responsible for the company’s Private Social Investment. 

Juliana joined AMAGGI in January 2006 as a Social Development Coordinator. In 2009 she was promoted to a managerial position.

In 2013, she took over AMAGGI’s recently created Sustainability Board. A proof of the company’s commitment to sustainable development and also of the confidence in Juliana’s work. In 2016, she also took on a leading role at AMAGGI’s Corporate Communications department. By the end of 2017, Juliana took over the new AMAGGI’s Compliance Directorship.

She holds a degree in International Relations from the Estácio de Sá University, an MBE (Master Business Economics) in Social Responsibility and the Third Sector from UFRJ, an MBA in Corporate Communication from UNESA/RJ, a Specialization in Sustainability Leadership from Berkeley University in California, and a Specialization in Leadership and Learning for Sustainability from the Organizational Learning Society founded by Peter Senge.

Her team was responsible for some of the company’s most important achievements, such as the Round Table for Responsible Soy (RTRS) certification and the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) recognition. Juliana also represented AMAGGI throughout the process of elaborating the Business Principles for Food and Agriculture in the UN Global Compact and is currently a coordinator at the UN’s Brazilian Global Compact, Food and Agriculture Thematic Group (GT).

Ignacio Gavilian

In his role as Director, Sustainability, Ignacio Gavilan leads the CGF’s Sustainability team that aims to position the consumer goods industry as a leader in protecting against climate change and reducing waste. Ignacio is responsible for ensuring high quality, efficient strategic leadership and administrative support to the Climate Change and Waste agenda. In his role, Ignacio leads the CGF Sustainability Steering Committee and Working Groups as well as engaging with members and external stakeholders to drive forward the CGF’s sustainability agenda.

Ignacio brings to the CGF more than 15 years’ experience in advising business on the practical, strategic, and commercial opportunities and risks of sustainability. Prior to his current role, Ignacio worked as Founder & Principal Consultant at Accipiter, a sustainability advisory service where he helped SMEs working in international markets to create strategic sustainability roadmaps. Past experience also includes senior roles at Anglo American p.l.c., BP Alternative Energy and McDonald’s.